Consett RFC

Check out how we were able to help Consett RFC through our Community Ambassador Programme.

The Challenge

Consett RFC had been miss-sold pass through contracts by a previous broker, and had multiple contracts with numerous suppliers – some of them duplicates for the same meters!

The FFB Community Ambassador Programme is committed to helping sports clubs become more carbon savings. The CAP also equips clubs with energy efficient through a range of cost and revenue stream – boosting the longevity of everything they need to create a new recurring grassroots sports for our next generations and beyond.

The Solution & Results

With Consett RFC’s consent, we were able to utilise our TODAY solution and act on their behalf and successfully get them out of their current contracts. We then aligned all meters with just 2 suppliers to keep things simple from now on.

As a results of our team being experts in the small print, we have been able to save the club in excess of £16,000 by stopping the pass-through contracts from going live. This money can now be better spent on the club where it belongs!

worth of savings achieved by stopping pass-through contracts from going live!
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