Upper Eden Rugby Club

Check out how we were able to help Upper Eden Rugby Club through our Community Ambassador Programme.

The Challenge

Upper Eden didn’t feel confident in their energy contracts previously put in place and were looking for advice.

The FFB Community Ambassador Programme is committed to helping sports clubs become more carbon savings. The CAP also equips clubs with energy efficient through a range of cost and revenue stream – boosting the longevity of everything they need to create a new recurring grassroots sports for our next generations and beyond.

The Solution & Results

Following a quick and easy chat between FFB and Upper Eden, we completed a bill review and offered our TODAY solution to Upper Eden of which had considerable savings. We have now successful locked in their Gas & Electric prices until 2026.

Upper Eden have also signed to our Community Ambassador Programme in which they can refer businesses within their network to FFB. This will help the club receive cashback to reinvest back into the club.

saving over the course of their contract.
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worth of savings per year.
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