Stronger together: Fusion for Business announce partnership with Durham Wildlife Trust in pursuit of protecting the local area.

Fusion for Business, a leading provider of business energy cost saving solutions in the County Durham region today announced their partnership with Durham Wildlife Trust as part of the company’s mission to combat climate change and raise awareness for the urgent need to preserve UK nature.

According to a recent report from the independent Climate Change Committee, the UK is woefully unprepared to deal with changes occurring to the climate. The state of UK nature has been declining for some time, with habitat loss being one of the main factors driving the loss of plant and animal species. It is predicted that in particular peat bogs, which currently help reduce the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, could dry out and as a result begin releasing their stored carbon back into the air.

As a company devoted to defending the Earth from carbon wastage, Fusion for Business (FFB) are passionate about supporting Durham Wildlife Trust in their efforts to conserve the wild habitats within the local meadows, peatlands and woodlands in the Consett area in order to keep carbon release to a minimum. The partnership with Durham Wildlife Trust will see the dramatic acceleration of these areas being protected, starting with Knitsley’s Rabbitbank Wood Nature Reserve, as FFB commit to protecting one acre of nature for every customer the business serves. As part of the initiative, each customer will be allocated an acre number and provided with regular communication regarding the perseveration of their acre.

Sam Lind, Operations Director at Fusion for Business said:

“Enabling our customers to be part of the journey is imperative to our success. From planting new trees to nurturing the beauty that already exists, Fusion for Business are proud to champion the need for change when it comes to protecting our planet. As a business based in a rural location, this partnership is very close to our hearts and enables us to effectively deliver on our social value commitments.”

Chris Charlton, CEO of Fusion for Business adds:

“Doing the right thing for our people and our planet is at the forefront of our business strategy. Bringing positivity and sustainability to the Consett area is of upmost importance, now more than ever.”

Alongside this new partnership, Fusion for Business are also supporting Durham Wildlife Trust with their own carbon management through FFB’s first of its kind Desktop Energy Optimisation Report. A free of charge energy efficiency service offered to all UK businesses and organisations to calculate their forecasted energy spend over the next 5 years, combined with the assessment of the managed building’s energy savings potential.

Zoe Hull, Head of Operations and Development at Durham Wildlife Trust comments:

“We are so excited to have Fusion for Business on board. They have shown real enthusiasm and a passion to understand the difference they can make to local wildlife and by making the decision to support Durham Wildlife Trust they will make a tangible difference to their local ecology. By supporting specific sites, they are enabling the Trust to map out future works and do even more to ensure the conservation and future of wildlife.”