This month the team will be exhibiting at the North East Automotive Alliance’s flagship event at the Beacon of Light, Sunderland and are encouraging exhibitors and delegates to ‘bring your bills’ for a free energy report.

With Carbon Net Zero targets on the horizon, we’re working with companies in the automotive industry to help them identify areas where energy savings can be made that are environmentally beneficial.

Our Desktop Energy Optimisation Report is the first step in understanding where savings can be made.

We look at your past energy costs to calculate your forecasted energy spend over the next five years. We’ll also assess your building’s cost saving potential.

This information can then be applied to understand the next steps to realising energy cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint. If you choose to move ahead we can then arrange an audit of your premises to determine your guaranteed annual energy saving and identify the project that will help you meet it.  

Such projects may include implementing a business management system that automatically turns off lights, controls temperature and removes ‘human forgetfulness’. Other energy saving options include implementing an LED lighting scheme, solar panels or EV charging ports.

And what’s more, the energy savings we project you’ll achieve are underwritten by insurance so that you can feel assured that the costs savings we forecast will be realised.

What’s the cost to implementing an energy savings project?

We understand that for many organisations it can be a big decision to undertake a project that may change the entire environment of your organisation. But the key points to remember as to why it’s a good idea is that your business can save money, time and reduce the negative impact it has on the environment and reach net zero carbon targets.

We operate an Energy As A Service (EaaS) business model, which means you pay for an energy service without having to make any upfront capital investment. Providing you with a debt free and off balance sheet energy efficiency asset upgrade.  

So, if you’re looking for a solution to make savings to your energy costs, meet net zero carbon emissions targets and make improvements to your business environment that is insured and off book then come and talk to the team at the NEAA Expo on Thursday 30th September, stand C22 or contact us here.