We’re delighted to announce that we are GiveToLocal’s exclusive NATIONAL ENERGY PARTNER! To kick start our long term partnership and collaboration, we’ve teamed up with GTL to offer a £2000 free draw to all community sports clubs!

To find out more, please read GiveToLocal’s latest press release copied below:

Those who know about GiveToLocal’s model for fundraising will be well aware of our desire to build a thriving community around our clubs, to support the great work they do.

We are all about making connections and making an impact, or more appropriately making the connections that actually make that impact!

While we have been actively working with thousands of clubs across 21 sports in the UK, we have also been quietly building relationships and forging partnerships with thousands of small businesses and hundreds of larger businesses who share our vision and want to see a change in how our community sports clubs are funded.

A prime example of one of those larger businesses, that is determined to make a positive impact on community sport is our National Energy Partner, Fusion For Business (FFB).

Fusion for Business are so keen to make an impact that we have actually brought forward elements of our roadmap and initiatives as part of our Club Futures campaign as a result of their support.

The team at Fusion For Business know our exciting plans for the 21 sports we support over the coming weeks and as a demonstration of their commitment to being part of that positive journey they have generously offered an initial £2,000 opportunity for clubs who simply complete their registration by 30th September.

Chris Charlton, CEO of Fusion For Business explains: “We are so excited about the impact we can have in partnership with GiveToLocal over the coming years!

“As a National Partner we have the opportunity to get our whole business behind the mission, that includes our staff, our customers, our suppliers, in fact – anyone and everyone who recognises the valuable role that community sport plays.

“The official announcement and launch of our partnership wasn’t planned until later in September, but we saw the opportunity now to have a swift impact, to demonstrate to clubs that the business community is behind GiveToLocal as much as clubs are.

“We know all about the plans, the huge brands that will be in position as a National Partner alongside us and the impact that can have on the ground at clubs all over the UK, for that reason it doesn’t just feel like a partnership, it feels like a movement!”.

GiveToLocal CEO Neil Gardiner echoes Chris’ enthusiasm: “So much work has gone into getting our service to where it is now and this generous contribution from Fusion For Business is just a sneak peek at the huge wave of positivity and support that is coming.

“Our partnership model has been key to our plans for our sustainability and impact from the outset, and to get the support of organisation’s such as Fusion For Business and to be able to centre that support on a direct impact for clubs is what we are all about”.

To be in with a chance of being the lucky club who clinches the £2,000, clubs simply have to ensure they are fully registered by midnight on 30th September 2021.

Our Club Engagement team is on hand to assist any clubs who haven’t yet got started, guiding clubs through the simple process, or to answer queries and assist clubs who have started but still have some steps to complete.

The lucky club will be drawn and announced on 4th October 2021 and they are set to benefit from a windfall of £2,000 as a result! Could it be your club?

To begin your registration visit: https://www.givetolocal.com/clubs

Find out more about Fusion for Business by visiting: https://fusionforbusiness.co.uk/ambassadors/

Good luck!!


–    Registration must be fully complete by midnight on 30th September 2021

–    Only open for clubs in the 21 sports GiveToLocal currently supports

–    Only open for clubs who are based in the UK

–    Only open for clubs who are fully registered with their National Governing Body

–    Club payment received monthly, with £350 in the first month and £150 each remaining month over the next 11 months.