We understand that in the North East alone, there have been over 400 redundancies made across 7-8 different energy brokers.  With even more jobs being at risk!

A spokesman within the energy sector stated, “The global economic crisis has led to unprecedented challenges to businesses across the world, particularly in the energy sector. Our decision has not been taken lightly and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience as we await the outcome of our consultation.”

We feel very fortunate to be in the unique position we are in where we are continuing to grow as a workforce to support more UK businesses with their energy bills. With the success we are seeing in our company and the rise in demand for more UK businesses we want to help those who have been made redundant.

So we have two options for you:

  1. Join our team as an Energy Consultant.
  2. Join our Brand Ambassador Programme.

Let us tell you some more about what these are…

If you’ve recently been made redundant as an Energy Consultant, Executive, Sales Representative ect.. We want to offer you the opportunity to come in for an interview with us, share insight into the skills you have from working in the energy sector, and grow with our team of the very best talent!

If you come to us with fresh ideas and proof of how you’ve previously hit your targets,, we would then love to discuss what life at FFB can be like! You might be thinking, why would we do this? And we believe in helping businesses across the UK get on track with their energy bills and making their lives easier when it comes to energy. If you have experience in helping other businesses, then what more could we want? Having a dedicated team who goes above and beyond for their clients is what we want here at FFB.

Now, you might have been made redundant and are now thinking that you’d like a break from helping other peoples business… Then this could be the perfect opportunity to grow your own!

We offer a Brand Ambassador Programme that puts your skills to good use, but allows you to earn money ON YOUR TERMS!

Interested? We thought so…

A Brand Ambassador at FFB is responsible for referring our market leading, customer first solution to your network of customers. Enabling yourself, and the businesses you know to benefit from the savings and sustainable solutions we can provide across all energy related running costs. By joining our Business Ambassador Programme, it’s the ultimate win-win. Not only can we offer your business savings on your own energy, but we can help your business create an entirely new revenue stream by using our cross-sell proposition to generate savings for other businesses too.

All you need to do is refer us to your customer base with confidence, taking a significant slice of the savings we generate for your customers as your commission! The ultimate win-win! So if you’ve been made redundant and are looking for another position in the energy sector, as a Sales Consultant or as a Brand Ambassador,  and would like to find out more about why FFB is your perfect future employer, then please contact recruitment@fusionforbusiness.co.uk and send your CV and Cover Letter to arrange an interview.