Navigating the energy market can be challenging, especially in times of high energy costs and cost-of-living crisis. At Fusion for Business, we understand these complexities and work hard to assist our customers, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

We go above and beyond the services typically offered by energy brokers. With our extensive industry experience, we have identified a significant gap in the market where businesses struggle to receive the right support to optimise their growth. Many end up paying excessive amounts for basic services, despite the presence of comparison sites and numerous brokers. Building trust is a major challenge for customers in this landscape.

Fortunately, we are here to help! With more than 50 years of experience in delivering unbeatable savings in energy procurement, we have dedicated ourselves to finding smart solutions for our customers by thoroughly analysing the market and ultimately making the process nice and simple.

The customer journey at Fusion for Business is centred around customer excellence. We strive to establish a culture of excellence within our team because we believe that great people provide exceptional support. Our account managers closely monitor market prices, supplier limitations, and other relevant factors to develop the best strategy for contract negotiation. Once a strategy is established, we personally manage the renewal process on behalf of our clients, ensuring that existing customers receive the same outstanding service as new ones. We put the customer first, and we take pride in it.

From developing an Energy Procurement Strategy to handling Go Live and Bill Audits, we have the expertise to save you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

While each customer journey is unique, tailored to their specific needs and goals, we typically follow 8 simple steps to achieve success. Let us walk you through them:

1. Energy Portfolio Planning

Our Energy Portfolio Planning service involves analysing meter types, operating hours, and working closely with customers to understand budget limitations, risk preferences, and stakeholder requirements. We consider factors such as supply tariffs, carbon emissions, and environmental policies to create a tailored FFB Tender Document that meets the needs of the supplier panel.

2. Bespoke Procurement Strategy

We develop a customised Procurement Strategy by engaging with the supplier panel to gather prices for the customer’s selected term and tariff type. Taking into account risk preferences, we provide transparent and honest energy spend comparisons across various quotations, considering the varying allocation of commodity and non-commodity charges among different suppliers. We aim to overcome any objections to supplier acceptance, such as credit and site tenancy.

3. Procurement

We ensure that customer-signed contracts are executed within the supplier’s time constraints to honour the presented prices. Our goal is to ensure that contracts are booked to go live on the proposed start date.

4. Contracting

We act as the liaison between the customer and supplier to ensure the termination of existing supply contracts aligns with the supplier’s specific requirements. This allows the new supply agreement to proceed as planned, avoiding any deemed rate periods or contract extensions enforced by current suppliers.

5. Termination

We work closely with customers and suppliers to ensure a seamless switch of supply. We address any potential barriers to the transition in advance of the contract start date, such as accurately recording contract details across all stakeholder groups involved in the switch process. If any objections to the switch arise, we promptly work to overcome them.

6. Go Live Management

We analyse customer billing in comparison to the agreed contract to ensure accuracy and address any queries or issues that may arise.

7. First Quarter Bill Audit 

We provide confirmation to customers that FFB’s procurement solution has been successfully implemented for the relevant meters and sites.

8. Dedicated Account Handling

Our Dedicated Account Handling team acts as the intermediary between you (the customer) and the supplier, gathering all necessary information to create a customer-focused, bespoke tender. We confirm energy usage by time period, capacity allowances and usage, contract start and end dates, and the termination notice process.

At Fusion for Business, we take pride in simplifying the energy procurement journey, saving you time, money, and hassle. We navigate the complexities of the market, build trust, and provide transparent comparisons to ensure you make informed decisions. Don’t let the worry of changing energy providers hold you back. Let Fusion for Business make the process nice and simple for you.

Contact us today and experience the difference of our dedicated service and unbeatable savings.