Navigating the energy market is tough!

Navigating the energy market to procure and manage the right deals for your business is hard at the best of times, never mind when energy is at an all-time high in a cost-of-living crisis, brought on in a post pandemic world, and amid an ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia which has just seen its first anniversary since invasion. That’s why we work hard to help our customers navigate the complexities, because let’s face it, you’ve got so many other things to do!

At Fusion for Business, we value the importance of personal connections and going the extra mile to help our clients, far beyond the realms of the ordinary that you can expect from an energy ‘broker’ (dare we use that word!). From our long history of working in the sector, we recognised a significant gap in the market where businesses simply aren’t receiving the right services to optimise their growth. Often paying way over the odds for basic support services. Despite the availability of comparison sites and a plethora of brokers out there, knowing who to trust is what we find to be one of the biggest challenges for customers….

Thankfully that’s where we come in!

With over 50 years’ experience in delivering unbeatable savings in energy procurement, we have made it our mission to scour the market to uncover a series of smart solutions to offer our customers.

What is the customer journey like at FFB?

Here at Fusion, we prioritise customer excellence and strive to establish a culture of excellence within our team. Because if our people are great then so is the support they can give. Our account managers take the time to closely monitor and track market prices, as well as supplier pricing limitations, and any other factors to develop the best strategy for contract negotiation. Once a strategy is established, we personally manage the renewal process on your behalf to ensure that our current clients receive the same exceptional service as new customers. In other words, we’re Customer First, and we’re proud of it!

From Energy Procurement Strategy right through to Go Live and Bill Audits we’ve got what it takes to save you time, money and a whole lot of hassle! Whilst every journey is different, based on your business’ own needs and goals, here’s our 8 simple steps to success that we’ll typically walk through with you….

  1. Energy Portfolio Planning – Our Energy Portfolio Planning will analyse metre type by operating hours and working with customers to understand budget constraints, appetite for risk, multi-stakeholder requirements considering supply tariff vs carbon emissions or customers environmental policies and build an FFB Tender Document to satisfy the supplier panel.
  2. Bespoke Procurement Strategy – We will build a Bespoke Procurement Strategy by engaging with the supplier panel to collect prices across the customers chosen term and tariff type depending upon attitude to risk and to the best endeavours provide a transparent and honest energy spend comparison across a range of quotations (considering the different allocation of commodity and non-commodity charges which make up an energy quote that differ from supplier to supplier). Ensuring any potential objections to supplier acceptance are overcome; such as credit and tenancy of site.
  3. Procurement – Ensuring customer signed contracts are executed within supplier time constraints to honour prices presented and to ensure contracts are booked in to go live as of the proposed contract start date.
  4. Contracting – Liaising between customer and supplier to ensure existing supply contract(s) are terminated in line with supplier specific requirements, in turn allowing the new supply agreement to proceed on the proposed date, avoiding any deemed rate periods or contract extensions being enforced by current supplier(s).
  5. Termination – Working with customers and suppliers to ensure the switch is seamless. Overcoming potential barriers to transition of supply in advance of contract start date. Such as ensuring all contract details are correctly recorded across all stakeholder groups involved in the switch process (or the transition from one contract term to another with existing supplier(s), and the existing supplier has confirmed the site is free to leave. If any objections to the switch are received FFB will work to overcome in the most timely fashion.
  6. Go Live Management – Analysis of customer billing vs agreed contract to ensure no errors. Any queries or issues will be resolved.
  7. First Quarter Bill Audit – Confirmation to be provided to customers of FFBs procurement solution being completed for the applicable metres and sites.
  8. Dedicated Account Handling – Our Dedicated Account Handling will operate between you (the customer) and supplier to collate all information required to build our customer focused bespoke tender. We will confirm energy usage by time period, capacity allowance and usage, contract start and end dates and termination notice process.

But that’s not all, we also offer EXTRA services!

Our key account services are here to support you in the long term, making sure you continually benefit from working with us.

Here’s the lowdown on just some of the things we can offer…

  1. Providing Remote Energy Auditing and Compliance Measures, Producing Fully Funded Energy Efficiency Projects With Guaranteed Cost Savings. A government supported remote energy audit, identifying applicable energy compliance measures a business must adhere to while benchmarking a customer’s property against the government’s most exhaustive data stock for building energy usage (the Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEES) data), to identify and provide a headline financial business case for a site to engage in specific Energy Efficiency Measures bespoke to that premise. FFB are able to offer fully funded solutions with the energy savings guaranteed, removing any reason a business may have for not being able to progress towards NET ZERO.
  2. Investment Grade Audits for identified Energy Efficiency and Renewable Generation Projects supporting businesses deliver in line with environmental policy. FFB will work with customers to provide detailed financial business cases for Energy Efficiency and Generation measures identified by site specific audits. With cost and savings modelled following an FFB supplier tender exercise, we can also work with customers to secure financing as well as project manage the works. Supporting UK business progress to the UK government mandated NET ZERO. Providing supplementary support to drive our customers green credentials as part of their brand strategy.
  3. FFB will analyse historic invoices going back 6 years to identify any billing errors and recover any associated costs.
  4. Your dedicated FFB account manager will track market price conditions, supplier pricing restrictions and other variables to identify an optimum future contract negotiation strategy. Once the strategy is defined FFB will oversee the renewal process, ensuring existing customers receive the same great service new customers do.
  5. Searching the UK water procurement market to maximise on savings similar to energy. If a customer hasn’t switched already there can be savings of up to 20% compared to remaining with the current supplier.  This can be savings that customers can start making within 6 weeks.
  6. FFB continues to strive for holistic perfection across all business energy costs. Bringing on new propositions in line with customer requirements. Key Accounts get first access to bespoke discount codes for products such as Facilities Management Contracts, Business Insurance Solutions among other product lines.

Whether you need help with your Net Zero Planning, Revenue Recovery or advice across other Indirect Cost Solutions, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

To find out more about how our Customer First Solution can help you and your business, please click here and contact us today.