Get your FREE Desktop Energy Optimisation Report

Our FREE Desktop Energy Optimisation Report

With decades of experience in the utility procurement market, Fusion for business (FFB) was set up to tackle what it saw as the challenges faced by businesses in accessing honest and fair solutions to business energy costs. We are committed to uncovering significant cost and carbon savings to improve the sustainability of businesses.

If you’re looking at how your business can be compliant with the new net zero carbon targets then look no further! We have an Energy as a Service solution that helps to address the four main barriers businesses in the automotive industry face when it comes to tackling net zero and reducing costs, which are:

For NEAA members we are offering a FREE desktop energy optimisation report which can lead businesses on a journey to reduce their energy costs, kWh use and CO2 emissions.

The report looks at your previous energy bills to calculate your forecasted energy spend over the next five years and assess your building’s cost saving potential. The report is free and there is no obligation to pursue an energy saving project.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss how an off balance sheet energy efficiency asset upgrade, which is debt free and underwritten by insurance, could help save you time, money and enable net zero carbon targets to be met.

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