The continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a severe impact on the energy industry, but as UK Suppliers seek to protect themselves to avoid going bust, we are seeing something that we’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. A call for T.P.I’s to openly disclose their commissions.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, for once this is good news! 👏

…Whilst the Broker market remains unregulated, the pressure is now building for Brokers to have a much needed and long overdue glow up. By sharing their commissions with their customers, businesses throughout the UK will FINALLY have the clarity they need when it comes to understanding their energy bills and all costs associated. 💡

It’s important to remember that T.P.I’s don’t receive a commission from the supplier. YOU (yes, you!) pay for their service through your energy contracts. Most typical third parties add an uplift between 0.1-3p to your unit rate, or will charge you a flat fee which should be agreed prior to delivery! So always remember to always ask your T.P.I how much their cost will be. 👈

FFB has always, and will continue, to take the lead on providing a fully transparent approach to all of our customers with clear documentation and detail of any additional costs incurred ✨. This news, although surrounded in fear, is a welcomed step in the right direction – supporting our vision to challenge the norm and do what’s right for the businesses we serve. We encourage all Suppliers within our network to consider taking this approach in the pursuit of business growth, security and transparency. 🌱

Now more than ever UK Business Owners and Suppliers alike need a partner they can trust. Let that be us.

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