Welcome to our third edition of the Fusion Round Up! And what a hot month it’s been! They say July is typically the world’s warmest month of the year but boy they really weren’t joking this year! Trying to keep everyone cool at our HQ has been a challenge given our growing headcount, so this month we wanted to dedicate some time to introducing more of our fantastic team – the brains and the beauties behind our operations, who make saving your business money and reducing your energy consumption all possible.

We’ve also got some key market change updates to make you aware of, and an exciting new competition that you’ll be sure to want to get involved with! So let’s dive in!

Meet the Team - Amber!

Hello readers! I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients but how much do you really know about me?  In a recent Q&A, I share some snippets. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve been part of the Fusion team for 2 years.

Currently, I run the Direct Sales Team, this is a team of ten employees who are responsible for driving awareness and offering our Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow solutions to UK Businesses.

My exact job role within that is to know all of the details regarding every single customer that enters the business, managing and overseeing their journey to ensure they all get a bespoke, high level service from our team.

I enjoy coming in daily to a different objective to overcome and find solutions to anything that is thrown at me, no two days are ever the same.         

Now let’s get to know me a little bit better…

My favourite hobbies are going to the cinema and out for food to socialise with friends and family. I dedicate time to doing this several times a week to ensure I have strong work/life balance.

Drake! I love his old music the most.

A real estate agent in LA. Selling Sunsets on Netflix is my total inspiration behind this. Have you seen it?

100% Yes, you either love it or hate it. But I love it!

Thanks for getting to know me!

Amber! 🙂

Market Changes

As your trusted energy partner, we want to keep you abreast of any changes within the market that could affect you, good or bad. Take a look below and some of our latest updates.

You may not be aware, but Ofgem is making big changes to the TPI market which we operate in. As part of the changes which mainly come into play for the 1st of October, there is a new scheme being set up for all brokers to be signed up to. This scheme is mandatory and is set to begin on the 1st of December 2022, with registration for the scheme closing on the 31st August.

As of Friday 15th July, just over 200 brokers across the whole market have submitted their application. This is only around 10% of the broker market having submitted their applications, so currently the industry has a long way to go until everyone is set up on the scheme.

FFBs application has been submitted and we look forward to further transparency being displayed by other competitors. So, rest assured its business as usual for us with 1000s of customers already benefiting from our portfolio of services and transparent approach.

We welcome all pending legislative changes, in the pursuit of making our industry a better one!

Prize Draw!

At FFB we let our reputation do the talking. We are happy to announce that over the course of August if you refer another UK business to FFB and they successfully sign up to use our services then you will be entered into a customer’s prize draw to win A MONTH FREE OF ENERGY BILLS!*

We know that every penny counts right now so we want to alleviate even more of the pressure through our latest competition! So, go on, get referring!!

*Prize capped at £1,000
**Draw to be done on the 1st September 2022. For more details please contact

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