A message from our CEO

Well, what can I say, 2022 has been a very challenging year to date. With the increasing pressure of the cost-of-living crisis, energy price caps soaring through the roof and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine draining any sanity that we thought we had left, (not to mention slashing our ability to buy energy quite literally overnight) – to say it’s been a tough first 6 months for UK business would be a serious understatement.

Thankfully though, it’s not all doom and gloom because in the darkness, there is always light. And when you’re faced with the greatest of adversities, which we undoubtedly are, it’s vitally important that we come together and tackle these challenges head on. Whether that’s as an industry, multiple industries or as a nation – having a united front and doing everything we possibly can to support one another is the key to survival and what inspires us at FFB to do what we do for UK businesses.

It’s been within that passion and drive to do the right thing, that led us to the launch of our new monthly newsletter, The Fusion Round Up. The Fusion Round Up is here as a helpful resource, dedicated to keeping you in the know of what’s currently going on in the energy marketplace with the hope to elevate any curveballs and surprises (beyond what we’re already dealing with). It will form as the perfect content hub for you to uncover the latest tips, tricks and hacks to save both cost and carbon, as well as finally being able to put some faces to the names as we introduce much of our growing team, who will play a pivotal role in your accounts moving forward.

So, without further ado, welcome to the Fusion Community! We’re delighted to have you with us and hope you enjoy reading!

Chris Charlton


Energy Market Update

Three Cheers For Better Disclosure

The continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a severe impact on the energy industry, but as UK Suppliers seek to protect themselves to avoid going bust, we are seeing something that we’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. A call for T.P.I’s to openly disclose their commissions.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, for once this is good news!

Whilst the Broker market remains unregulated, the pressure is now building for Brokers to have a much needed and long overdue glow up. By sharing their commissions with their customers, businesses throughout the UK will FINALLY have the clarity they need when it comes to understanding their energy bills and all costs associated. 

It’s important to remember that T.P.I’s don’t receive a commission from the supplier. YOU (yes, you!) pay for their service through your energy contracts. Most typical third parties add an uplift between 0.1-3p to your unit rate, or will charge you a flat fee which should be agreed prior to delivery! So always remember to always ask your T.P.I how much their cost will be. 

This news, although surrounded in fear, is a welcomed step in the right direction for our customers – supporting our vision to challenge the norm and do what’s right for UK businesses.

Energy Market Update

“Change on a Page” - Get the lowdown on OFGEM’s Microbusiness Strategic Review

On the 28 March 2022, Ofgem published its decision to implement a package of measures aimed at improving microbusinesses’ experience of the energy market. Another great step in the right direction for our industry. As such, Ofgem’s decision seeks to provide microbusinesses with a robust protection framework and key information to make suitable purchasing decisions going forwards.

Over the course of the year and by October 2022, we are expecting to see the below changes being implemented:

At FFB we’re proud to disclose our commissions to all customers! It’s something we have always, and will continue to take the lead on as we provide clear documentation and detail of any additional costs incurred, as standard. 

If you’ve got any questions or would like to find out more about any of the changes set to be implemented, then please contact us here.

What's New at FFB?

Say Hi to our NEW Head of Customer Relations

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, we are delighted to introduce Emily Weightman as our new Head of Customer Relations.

Emily has been with the business for some time, so it’s been a real privilege to be able to promote her internally and watch her grow within the business. 90% of our promotions are made internally so it’s been a real privilege to support Emily in her journey so far.

Emily comes with a wealth of customer-facing experience, creativity and has a keen eye for detail which will now see her at the forefront of designing, developing and delivering our end-to-end customer journey, as well as heading up inbound customer enquiries.

Emily Weightman, Head of Customer Relations comments:

“My passion is to make a real difference to the customers we serve here at FFB. My new role will go far beyond the traditions of a normal Customer Relations role as I strive to identify new and innovative ways to not only serve but nurture the businesses we engage with. It’s about doing everything possible to make our customers happy and keep them at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to challenge the status quo of the energy market and my new appointment is only the beginning.”

What's New at FFB?

We’re Expanding!

Despite the challenges in the market place, our business is going from strength to strength and our customer base is growing exponentially as a result of our honest and transparent approach. We’re proud to be investing heavily in our workforce to ensure that we can continue to provide first-rate cost saving solutions and business advice to our customers.

To support Emily in her role, we’re on a major recruitment drive for ambitious and skilled individuals to join our growing team of Business Support Advisors. The recruitment process is currently underway with some fantastic candidates coming through the door. We look forward to introducing you to the new recruits in our next edition of the round up.

What's New at FFB?

Protecting Our Planet one day at a time!

We are a company devoted to defending the Earth from carbon wastage. In pursuit of protecting the world around us, we are currently working in partnership with the Durham Wildlife Trust to support them in their efforts to conserve meadows, peatlands and woodlands in the local Consett area where our Head Office is based, in order to keep carbon release to a minimum. As part of our social value strategy, we’ve committed to protecting one acre of land for every customer we serve.

Already we are seeing dramatic acceleration of these local areas being protected, most notably within Knitsley’s Rabbitbank Wood Nature Reserve. To date, we have protected over 300 acres of land – that’s more than 450 tonnes of Carbon absorption!

What's New at FFB?

Scoring High with Our Community Ambassadors!

We now have 41 sports clubs throughout the North East region (and beyond) signed up to our Community Ambassador programme.

This is a fantastic achievement and we want to thank every club that’s chosen to partner with us so far. Grass roots sport is very close to our hearts so to know that we can make a difference to the future and longevity of sport makes what we do incredibly worthwhile.

We’re working hard to bring communities together and create fresh opportunities with long-lasting benefits so if you know any clubs who you think could benefit, please let us know!

To find out more click here about our Community Ambassador Programme please click here.

What's New at FFB?

Making a Splash with Water Savings!

Bills may be an unavoidable part of running a business, but did you know that water procurement is an area where you can generate significant savings to account for the lack of savings in other areas such as gas and electric?

We have saved customers an average of £261 in switching their water supplier.

Keen to find out what we can save for you? Sure! Just click here.

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