A Message From Our CEO

Firstly, might I say on behalf of the business and all our colleagues, our condolences go out to the Royal Family, and thank you to Her Majesty the Queen for such a long and loyal service to our country. Out of respect, and to allow our colleagues to mourn the great loss, we will be closed on Monday 19th September.

As a business, we are also acutely aware of the challenges our customers are facing. In the current energy crisis, volatility can cause confusion. We are working closely with organisations such as Hipperson Consulting, who have a long and established professional relationship with OFGEM, BEIS and other governing bodies in the energy market, to gain up to date and as clear as possible messaging. This allows our team of Commercial Energy Consultants to provide as honest and as transparent as possible information on pricing today and what that might look like in the future.

The current understanding is that BEIS is running the consultation, working with suppliers since last Thursday afternoon (8th September). The proposal from BEIS to replicate the Domestic price cap in commercial, could have an impact such as preventing a competitive market in commercial energy and stopping energy supplier switching. This obviously isn’t in the commercial benefit of end consumers, as its competition between suppliers that drives either cheaper prices or better customer service. We understand BEIS are in agreement with this, and are proposing new measures to ensure the commercial energy market remains competitive, while protecting the many jobs that exist in the commercial energy supply chain, from suppliers to energy brokers. We hope to receive clarity on what this price cap may look like by the end of next week (WC 19th September). My understanding is that, on average, commercial energy users sign into longer term contracts. If you assume every business signed up to a 4 year supply contract (which isn’t the true case but for sake of easier mathematics), the proposed energy price cap for 6 months would only support 12.5% of businesses (those businesses whose contracts are ending in the next 6 months). The rest of the market would remain open for businesses to decide on their own supply contract, outside of those industries referenced by Prime Minister Liz Truss last week.

However, due to pricing volatility, and the high energy prices we are seeing today driven by demand outstripping supply, a lot of energy suppliers are still not online. Of those online their credit stipulations are now far higher or the price of the energy being significantly higher (4 times higher), is increasing the credit exposure for businesses, who are seeing energy bills increase from £100,000 per year to in the region of £400,000. It’s a very challenging market for businesses, and we are passionate about being there to support as many businesses as we possibly can, and navigate their way through these challenging times. From honest and transparent energy procurement to identifying potential revenue income from historical mis-sold energy supply contract claims. To help businesses reduce their energy demand through off balance sheet, insurance backed guarantee energy efficiency and generation measures.

I appreciate, many businesses may be feeling nervous about the sustainability of their existing energy supplier, or energy broker/consultant. I’d like to reassure all our customers FFB have operated with a customer first mentality, investing in the business, and ensuring our revenues and cash collection are structured to be able to withstand market challenges and remain a stalwart partner for businesses today and long into the future. We are in fact scaling our operations in line with the rising demand from UK plc to support them, by taking on a new 4,000 square feet office in Manchester, while we continue to recruit for our Durham office and National Business Development roles. Our Energy Services division is rapidly increasing their headcount to deal with the rise in demand from businesses to help them reduce energy usage and energy costs, and our French sister company Utility France has just opened a new office in Bordeaux.

I’d recommend all businesses, in Line with the Prime Minister’s advice last week, to explore energy efficiency measures. In a rising energy market, the only material way to save money is through reducing energy usage. We have a great tool, developed with the financial backing of the UK government department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, that allows us to remotely access a buildings Energy Efficiency, and provide accurate RoI forecasts for a range of efficiency and renewable technologies. We call this our Energy Optimisation Report, and we offer this free of charge for every business. With the cost of energy today and foreseeable for the midterm future, the return-on-investment periods for LED and other technologies such as solar are now far shorter than before, making the investment far more worthy and of appeal than ever before.

Meet the Team - Tania!

Hey everyone! I’m new to FFB so thought I’d share a little bit about myself both in work and out of work! Check out my Q&A below and I hope you enjoy!

At the moment I’m still finding my feet, but mainly my position as Head of Quality Assurance is checking for accuracy in workloads and creating procedures for a smoother process across the team.

Being a new member of the team, I have enjoyed getting to know all my new work colleagues and learning about the industry.

Africa by Toto, my dad always had music on when I was a kid and this is the one song that was never off, and I can’t help but love it.

Favourite food to eat out would have to be Cantonese. I love a trip to the Pavillion.

Costa Adeje in Tenerife. I love how hot it is almost all year round and the food is amazing.

Walking or reading mostly, and when their kids allow it, meeting up with the girls.

In 5 years, I would like to be progressing further at Fusion and having a helping hand in progressing the business.

I’m new! If I let out my secrets too soon, I might upset the friends I’ve just made. Ha-ha

Thanks for getting to know me!

Tania 🙂


We understand that there have been over 400 redundancies made in the North East recently across energy brokers. A company spokesman said: “The global economic crisis has led to unprecedented challenges to businesses across the world, particularly in the energy sector. Our decision has not been taken lightly and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience as we await the outcome of our consultation.”

FFB are in a unique and fortunate position where we continue to grow as we support more UK businesses than ever before with their energy savings. For anyone who has been made redundant in the energy sector, we’re offering guaranteed interviews. Better still, we can support you in your next chapter in a variety of ways.

Firstly, you could join us as a Business Energy Consultant. All you need to do is prove how you’ve hit your targets in the past and we’ll get to work on helping you to hit them even harder with us!

Or, if you want to take some control back in your life then why not consider our Brand Ambassador Programme! An initiative that works flexibly around your life and other commitments. All you need to do is put your existing sales skills to use by referring us out to your network. Receiving a kick back in commission for every successful referral. The Brand Ambassador Programme is perfect if you want to work things around your family or other lifestyle commitments that previously had to take a back seat. .

If either option would be of interest to you then please do not hesitate to reach out. We kindly ask that you send your CV and a covering letter to recruitment@fusionforbusiness.co.uk and our team will get back to you as soon as we possibly can!

Hey everyone! I’m new to FFB so thought I’d share a little bit about myself both in work and out of work! Check out my Q&A below and I hope you enjoy!

Pwllheli Boxing Club - Case Study

The Challenge:

Ryton RFC did not feel confident in their energy contracts put in place by a former energy partner so they reached out to FFB for help.

The Solution:

– Following a consultation, we offered our TODAY solution to Ryton RFC of which we identified considerable savings through advanced procurement. We have now successfully locked in their Gas & Electric prices until 2027.

– Ryton RFC have also been proactive, referring us to businesses within their network as part of the CAP and have earned a commission to invest back into the club to fund improvements like the new Bar & Patio area.

The Results:

– £3,000 worth of savings identified through our Energy Management solution.
– £2,250 also earned by referring us out to another business.
– We’ve also sponsored the club £1,000.

Want to find out how we can help you? Feel free to get in touch here and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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