Small businesses are facing a considerable amount of adversity when it comes to their procurement and management of their business energy. As of April, this year, it’s thought that more than 1m small businesses may be paying energy bills significantly above market rates after becoming trapped in long-term contracts fixed when prices reached a historical peak at the end of last summer. That’s because small firms are struggling to find a suitable energy deal because suppliers either refused to supply small businesses or demanded large financial deposits of which they simply cannot stump.

About 60% of small businesses who signed new energy contracts when prices were at their peak last year said they would face difficulties paying after March 2023.

Small manufacturers are understood to be some of the worst affected due to their high energy use. The collapse of these firms, which make the components used by larger manufacturers, could have consequences for the UK’s supply chains. So what can we do about this?

With a strong commitment to supporting small businesses, particularly within high industrial sectors like manufacturing, FFB are a valuable ally to UK businesses, providing tailored solutions and unwavering support. In this blog post, we will explore the positive impact Fusion for Business can have on small businesses during such challenging times.

From limited resources, budget constraints, and the need to adapt quickly, the current energy crisis presents a substantial burden for small businesses, affecting their bottom line and hindering growth opportunities.

Fusion for Business recognises these challenges and has built a reputation for being a reliable partner to tackle these challenges head on. Our understanding of the intricacies of small business operations sets us apart from the rest, as we take time to understand the bespoke nature of your business and tailor our support accordingly. We pride ourselves on helping you improve your bottom line TODAY, prepare for the uncertainty TOMORROW and rectify any wrong doings of YESTERDAY. Giving you the full 360. Here’s a breakdown of how we do it:

Our TODAY commitment centres on ensuring that you can achieve better Energy Procurement and Management to what you are currently on. This extends beyond just initial advice, as we provide long-term support through a range of key account services. Our dedicated team constantly monitors market conditions, supplier pricing restrictions, and other factors to develop optimal contract negotiation strategies. During the renewal process, we ensure that our existing customers receive the same exceptional service as new clients. We also offer a range of added value services so whether you require guidance with Net Zero Planning and Compliance, Revenue Recovery, or advice on other Indirect Cost Solutions, we are here as your trusted advisor, guiding you every step of the way.

Our TOMORROW solution gets you future focussed, as so often you during challenging times you can feel bogged down in the ‘here and now’. Our solution aims is to support you on your journey towards achieving Net Zero and a greater efficiency outlook. We are deeply committed to empowering businesses throughout the UK (big and small) to enhance more energy efficient ways by making it more accessible than ever! Through a comprehensive assessment of your current operations, we take a holistic, 360° view of how your business currently works in order to identify opportunities for positive and innovative changes. Our recommendations encompass a range of debt-free, risk-free measures that are guaranteed to deliver cost, carbon, and energy savings. We offer various funding options, including our ground-breaking Energy as a Service “subscription” model. This approach challenges the traditional energy supply model by prioritising energy saved over energy consumed within your commercial building, unlocking savings for up to 5 years ahead. It’s about reshaping the future of energy consumption and opening our minds to the art of the possible.

With the understanding that every penny counts, and in a noble bid to improve perceptions of our industry, our YESTERDAY service offering was devised to help businesses right the wrongs of their previous energy brokers. The energy market can be complex, and energy bills can be equally challenging to decipher. That’s why many businesses in the UK tend to rely on energy brokers for support when purchasing energy. However, due to a lack of regulation (and morals), it is evident that some businesses have fallen victim to broker malpractice. Our research indicates that many brokers have not adhered to the laws governing them, such as the ‘Law of Agency’ and ‘contract law.’ Consequently, businesses that have used brokers in the past may be entitled to claim for any non-disclosed commissions and costs they have unknowingly incurred. Our Revenue Recovery service helps you build a strong business case to claim back what you’re owed and ensure fairness across the board.

Now more than ever, we need to unite and support small businesses through such challenging times. It’s about helping you to future-proof rather than seeing you fold.

If you, or any SMEs within your network need our help then please contact us.