In today’s rapidly changing, and quite frankly volatile energy landscape, transparency plays a pivotal role in ensuring fairness, trust, and accountability in the market. As a leading energy service provider, we recognise the importance of transparency and it’s been built into our philosophy from day one. But what is the benefit to you, our customer? In this article we explore 4 key benefits of advocating more transparency in the sector.

1. Receiving more reliable information

Transparency in the energy market benefits customers in several ways. Firstly, it enables customers to make informed decisions based on accurate information, empowering them to choose the best energy solutions for their needs. Transparent pricing and billing practices provide clarity and prevent hidden charges, allowing customers to understand their energy costs effectively.

2. Protects customers by putting their needs first

At FFB, we continuously evaluate and update our processes to align with evolving regulatory requirements that have been put in place to protect customers. This commitment to compliance ensures that customers can rely on FFB to deliver services that meet or exceed industry standards. Our dedication to transparency reflects our core values of trust, innovation and customer-centricity.

3. Promotes fair competition

Transparency promotes healthy competition among suppliers, encouraging fair pricing and improved service offerings. The energy market to this day remains largely unregulated but we’re delighted to see that changing. Just last year, OFGEM introduced the ADR scheme, designed to enhance the customer experience for microbusinesses in energy procurement and management. But as of October 2022, a mere 20% of UK Energy Brokers had registered for the ADR Scheme. Nevertheless, we take great pride in being among the first to be registered in a bid to protect our customers and create a better working environment for all competitors and TPIs to grow together. We recognise that to change the perception of the industry, we cannot do this alone, and we encourage more energy service providers to get behind this major transparency-drive!

4. Advocate a more sustainable future

Like changing the perception of the energy industry, we also cannot achieve a more sustainable future alone. By championing change and driving awareness for more transparency within our sector, we believe we can make a real difference to our people and our planet.

By embracing transparency we seek to grow healthier relationships and in turn, nurture healthier people – both within our business and outside of it. It’s about working hard to build trust through the facilitation of more informed decision-making and fostering long-term customer loyalty for all to thrive.

If you’d like to learn more about our commitment to transparency and how we can help you, please contact us.