Is your business prepared for tomorrow’s challenges? As the world moves towards achieving Net Zero, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to adopt sustainable practices and efficient energy management strategies. At Fusion for Business, we’re committed to helping our customers do just that!

By working closely with our sister company iEM360, we provide businesses with a new innovative way to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as enhancing your profitability and protecting your people and planet. Our solutions are designed to help you future-proof your business by implementing debt-free, risk-free, cost-saving, and energy-saving measures.

So, what is this solution? Let us tell you!

Since businesses across the UK are facing unprecedented commodity and non-commodity price increases, making it imperative to find effective and affordable ways to reduce demand. Fortunately, our Energy as a Service solution is here to help.

We specialise in helping UK businesses overcome the main barriers to engaging with Net Zero, including lack of knowledge, time, resources, capital for energy efficiency investment, and a diminishing trust in the energy marketplace. As an honest and fair energy solutions provider, we recognize that business owners and operators may be at different stages of their Net Zero journey, and we’ve developed a six-step pathway to help you achieve your sustainability goals, regardless of where you currently stand.

What is this six-step pathway?

Here is a top line description of our Six Steps to Net Zero pathway and how we can help you and your businesses!!

Step 1 – ASSESS

The first stage in our six step pathway is to assess your business’ opportunity for energy efficiency and energy compliance. By using our bespoke Desktop Energy Optimisation Report (DEOR), we can quickly establish the size and scope of the opportunity available for you, as well as the viability to progress to Stage Two. The DEOR has been developed in line with BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and comes with the capability to also identify any legislative compliance requirements that we need to consider to get you closer to your Net Zero commitments.


Once we have visibility on the energy saving and energy generation potential of your business, it’s time to get onsite to carry out an Investment Grade Audit (IGA). The IGA is an assessment of your business building(s) which allow us to further process your data and confirm all energy saving and generation opportunities, out to a 25 year payback. We will also include an EV charging assessment as part of the overall audit.


Now the foundations are set, Step Three is where the real magic happens. Using the data and diagnosis from Steps One and Two, we will provide you with a comprehensive Net Zero Plan and Environmental Policy, completely bespoke to your business. These assets will form as essential tools in planning your route to Net Zero. They will also serve as tangible evidence of your commitments to your customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and wider communities. As part of the deliverables, we will also give you exclusive access to the Net Zero Chaser to determine and track your business’ carbon footprint.

Step 4 – PROCURE

To commission your energy efficiency project, you will need to decide how you want to fund the deliverables. At FFB, we can provide you with three different routes to payment to best suit the needs of your business. These are outlined below:

  • Pay via uplift to standing charge within Supply Contract.
  • Capital Investment; you fund full payment through your business.
  • Fund via Finance at an interest rate or Grant Support


To ensure that your energy efficiency project runs as smoothly as possible, our dedicated project managers are here to oversee the works from start to finish. We will act as an extension of your team, taking responsibility for overseeing every aspect of the project, including all aspects of planning, scheduling, execution and sign off.

Step 6 – MONITOR

To ensure that the success from your energy efficiency project can be realised, and measured against the original forecast, we will carry out a range of monitoring exercises. This will capture the initial results from the implementation of your energy efficiency measures and asset upgrades, as well as tracking ongoing success for the future.

As an honest and fair energy solutions provider, we understand that business owners and operators may be at different stages of their Net Zero journey. That’s why our pathway is designed to take a simple “hop on, hop off” approach, depending on your requirements – even though we recommend progressing through each of the six stages outlined below to maximise your TOMORROW experience, we want to do what’s right by our customers.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to get started on your Journey to Net-Zero, or you would like to find out more about how we can support you, please contact us here.