The Sports Business Club (TSBC) are pleased to announce their new exclusive “Partnership” with FFB (Fusion For Business) which they believe will benefit Businesses, Sports Clubs & Charities alike, all over the UK.

TSBC, who pride themselves on being the complete business network have a longstanding goal to continually provide a unique and extendable business network where local businesses can thrive. They set out to achieve this by driving like-minded enterprises to work together whilst at the same time providing much needed commercial help to local sports clubs.

TSBC and FFB discovered perfect alignment in their operations through a shared desire for local sport and going the extra mile for the people and communities in which they serve.

As part of the new collaboration, FFB will not only help Clubs to save money on their energy bills, they’ll also engage with Clubs on cost-saving and revenue-generating initiatives such as implementing electric car charging points, solar panels and LED lighting.

Additionally, for any funds raised by FFB from works conducted with the Clubs, a % will go back to the Clubs and TSBC to help provide future funding for Sports Clubs around the UK. A sustainable, circular economy for all.

TSBC are very excited to have FFB on board.

Head of Community Ambassadors at FFB, Graham Robson comments: “Sport plays a pivotal role within the community, so partnering exclusively with TSBC was a really exciting opportunity for us to be able to expand our network and ensure that more people can benefit from the great work that we do. As a business, we’re here to change perceptions of the energy market, championing an honest and innovative approach. This enables businesses and sports clubs alike to overcome the ever-increasing challenges of Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday.

Through our unique Community Ambassador Programme, we are providing sports clubs up and down the country with all the tools they need to develop new, recurring revenue streams to combat any financial shortfalls experienced as a result of COVID-19. We also help them to identify ways to become more energy efficient to boost the sustainability of the club. All of the cost savings that we identify for our customers and clubs are backed by an insurance guarantee to ensure that 100% of the forecasted cost savings are achieved. For us, this partnership is more than just helping clubs to save money. It’s about longevity. Working hard to bring communities together and creating fresh opportunities with long-lasting benefits.”