Energy is an inevitable cost of doing business. From heating, air conditioning and lighting to running machinery and powering production lines, energy consumption is everywhere! So, you’d think wanting to become energy efficient was at the top of every business’s agenda, right? Regardless of the pressures and obligations we are now under for achieving Net Zero by 2050. Wrong!

Many businesses, in fact a scarily large number of businesses across the UK are still dragging their heels when it comes to operating more efficiently. Why? Well for starters, energy efficiency isn’t usually achieved overnight. It can take months to see a decrease in energy usage and sometimes even years to see a return on investment for energy-saving projects. In days gone by, implementing energy efficiency measures has also been known to cost a small fortune! To make things more complicated, key decision makers must also convince the rest of their organisation to act efficiently, even when they’re not around. And as we all well know, changing habits of a lifetime and unpicking ‘the way we do things’ is no mean feat.

It’s no surprise that energy efficiency doesn’t sound all too great when you think of it like that. But what would you say if we told you that none of the above was true? (Well, not at FFB!)

At Fusion for Business, we’ve worked hard to design and develop an instant solution to counteract the reasons NOT to engage with energy efficiency. We call it ‘Energy as Service’.

What is Energy as a Service?

In short ‘Energy as a Service’ is a highly disruptive subscription energy and facilities management model.

It enables our customers to use energy more efficiently as part of an industry shift to achieving Net Zero through the implementation of debt free, risk free, cost, carbon and energy saving measures.

Measures which include implementing a business management system that automatically turns off lights, controls temperature and removes ‘human forgetfulness’, implementing an LED lighting scheme, solar panels or even EV charging ports.

By combining all energy related costs under one trusted and transparent contract, we can unlock guaranteed cost and carbon savings for your business. These savings are backed by an insurance guarantee to ensure you achieve 100% of the forecasted cost savings, with no need for any upfront capital outlay.

This innovative approach helps us to address the four main barriers for UK business when it comes to energy efficiency, as we aspire to be at the forefront of making energy efficiency accessible to all:

  1. No capital for energy efficiency projects
  2. Lack of time and resource for assessment and delivery
  3. Lack of trust in the marketplace
  4. Overpaying for utility contracts

Pretty impressive stuff! Even if we do say so ourselves.

And if that wasn’t enough, then wait… there’s more! Here we share 6 key benefits for why integrating Energy Efficiency through Energy as a Service is the best thing you can do in 2022:

1. Energy efficiency helps to reduce costs

The first item on this list is probably the most obvious. Improving your businesses energy efficiency can save your company money for the long haul. In the past, many businesses viewed energy as an uncontrollable cost. However, with our help, more companies are beginning to see that energy usage is controllable, when managed in the right way.

2. It improves your brand reputation

The financial benefits of energy efficiency are just the beginning. The world is becoming more environmentally conscious and being energy-efficient can enhance your brand’s reputation, which in turn can improve your business performance. Be careful not to start Greenwashing though, as this can negatively impact your businesses reputation.

3. There’s no risk!

We understand that for many organisations it can be a big decision to undertake a project that may change the entire environment of your organisation. Using our Desktop Energy Optimisation Report, we look at your past energy costs to calculate your forecasted energy spend over the next five years. We’ll also assess your building’s cost saving potential. All forecasted savings are backed by an insurance guarantee to ensure you achieve 100% of the forecasted cost savings, with no need for any upfront capital outlay.

4. It boosts working conditions for your employees

So, there you go, energy efficiency has the potential to reduce costs and improve your brand’s reputation but did you know that it can also play a key role in creating optimum working conditions for your employees? In the past, the concept of energy efficiency was perceived as a threat to comfort. But recent research has demonstrated that this is not the case, and energy efficiency can actually improve employee comfort levels, their well-being and performance. What’s not to love!

5. It helps with compliance

Though 2050 may feel like a lightyear away, more stringent regulations for businesses will come into play in the coming years as we draw closer. This means that businesses choosing to take action now will be in a far better position than those that don’t. For instance, the UK government have already discussed introducing mandatory operational energy ratings, such as Display Energy Certificates (DEC), for all commercial buildings. It is highly likely that businesses could face strict financial punishments if they do not commit to reducing their impact, so there’s no harm in starting early. 

6. It’s vital for our planet

Our mission at FFB is to defend the Earth from energy and carbon waste by challenging the outdated energy supply chain and the way buildings are managed. Energy as a Service allows us to do just that. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded businesses to engage with us and transition to a more energy efficient future… are you ready?