The energy market is undoubtedly complicated, and energy bills can be a minefield to navigate. It’s no wonder that most UK businesses rely on an Energy Broker to help them buy their energy. However, the lack of regulation in this sector has resulted in many companies becoming victims of broker malpractice.

At Fusion for Business, our research indicates that a significant number of brokers have not adhered to the laws that govern them. In the absence of any regulation, such as the ‘Law of Agency’ and ‘contract law,’ many businesses may be eligible to claim for non-disclosed commissions and costs incurred in the past.

We pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach to energy management and we are on a mission to help our customers collect wrongly incurred costs from the past and achieve a just outcome.

A Powerful Partnership

We are proud to be collaborating with leading UK law firms, as well as Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited (CDRL), a top alternative dispute resolution provider, to support our customers in righting the wrongs of bad brokers mis-selling.

Our team of experts can quickly review the suitability of the tariff you are on against your energy demand, and we can also examine the prices paid against the market rate at the time. Furthermore, we can quantify the potential value of any claim, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

Righting The Wrongs of Yesterday with our Revenue Recovery Service

At our company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for our customers. We have spent years refining our process to ensure that it is not only effective, but also easy to follow. Our process is broken down into 9 simple steps that have been designed to provide our customers with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Step 1: Authorise

The first step in our 9-step process is to sign a Letter of Authority, which allows us to engage with your existing and historic energy suppliers to gather the information required to progress the Recovery Service. This Letter of Authority is a legal document that grants us permission to act on your behalf in communicating with your energy suppliers.

Step 2: Profile

Once we have received the necessary authorization from you, we move on to Step 2, where our team of experts will profile your energy portfolio. This step involves analysing your historical, current, and future energy contracts.

Step 3: Review

Step 3 involves analysing your energy usage profile and operating hours to establish tariff suitability. This means that we will take a deep dive into your energy consumption patterns to determine the best tariff options for your business. We will also review costs incurred to identify any billing errors from your energy suppliers. This could include overcharges, incorrect metre readings, or any other mistakes that may have resulted in higher energy bills for your business.

Step 4: Quantify

Step 4 of our process involves consolidating all the findings from the previous steps and analysing them in detail. We take into account all the data we have gathered about your energy portfolio, usage profile, and operating hours.

Step 5: Evidence 

Step 5 is an important phase in the energy recovery service provided by Fusion for Business. At this stage, the team at FFB will work closely with the client to build an evidence pack. The evidence pack is a comprehensive collection of all previous broker communications, energy bills, contracts, and other relevant documentation. The purpose of this evidence pack is to build a solid foundation for the claim. It will include all the necessary information to support the claim and provide clear evidence of any mis-selling that may have occurred. By collating all relevant information and documentation, FFB can help to build a strong case for the client, which will help to increase the chances of a successful claim.

Step 6: Confirm

In step 6, our collated evidence pack will be used by leading UK law firms to confirm the validity of the case. Once the evidence pack has been compiled, we will work closely with its legal partners to ensure that all the necessary documentation is in place to present the case in court. 

Step 7: Agree

In step 7, once the evidence pack has been reviewed and confirmed, we will seek your agreement to proceed with the claims process through a leading UK law firm. This law firm will act as your representative in dealing with your previous energy suppliers, making the necessary legal arguments and presenting the evidence pack to seek compensation for the wrongly incurred costs.

Step 8: Manage

In step 8, our team at FFB will take a proactive approach to managing the claims process on your behalf. Once we have identified any incorrect billings or overcharges, we will work with you to submit applications to the relevant suppliers for reimbursement or credit.

Step 9: Collect

The final step of our Revenue Recovery process is that our team of expert lawyers will provide legal advice and support to achieve the maximum recovery possible for our clients. Once the evidence pack has been prepared, our lawyers will review the details and assess the validity of the claims. They will then take the necessary steps to initiate the recovery process and seek a just outcome on behalf of our clients.

Want to know if you’re owed money?

We believe that businesses should not be held back by unscrupulous energy brokers. Our mission is to help our customers navigate the complex energy market and to support them in getting a fair deal. Don’t let bad brokers hold you back – let us help you achieve a just outcome.

If you think that you may have been mis-sold energy in the past or would like to find out if this has been the case, simply contact us today and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.