From individuals to businesses, clubs & charities, we offer unique opportunities for you to generate new income streams.

Anyone can be an FFB Ambassador

At Fusion for Business, we’re passionate about improving the sustainability of UK businesses alongside developing individuals to uncover their true potential.

Anyone can be an FFB Ambassador. That’s right, we believe there is room for everybody to grow and offer unique opportunities for all to thrive. Our 3 ambassador programmes have been designed specifically with YOU in mind and require no prior knowledge of the energy industry.

So whether you’re an individual, a small business start-up, a large organisation, a community sports club or a charity, we have an opportunity waiting…

Our Options

Our greatest asset is our people and we’re lucky enough to have some amazing people helping our customers every single day! That doesn’t mean we’re on the lookout for more though – skilled and motivated people are always welcome at FFB!

Check out our current vacancies below. If there is nothing suitable feel free to head over to our careers page where you can send us your CV for any future roles which are more suitable.

Brand Ambassador

Having multiple sources of income is the new way to excel! We help highly motivated and driven individuals earn more, whilst doing their bit to support UK businesses. Flexible to your life, no prior experience required.

Business Ambassador

Now more than ever businesses need to diversify and offer a range of services to retain customer loyalty and grow. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes create a safe, recurring revenue stream.

Community Ambassador

We support clubs with their energy needs; helping them to benefit from unrivalled savings, whilst also enabling them to create an income to invest back into the club and fund any improvements.

Let us start helping your connections

We’re immensely proud of all the businesses and community sports clubs we have been able to help with reducing the costs of their energy contracts. You can see what some of them had to say below, or even head over to our Trustpilot page to read more.