Doing the right thing. If you’ve used a broker in the past, we can help you claim for any non-disclosed commissions and costs you have wrongly incurred!

Righting the wrongs of YESTERDAY with our Revenue Recovery service

The energy market is complex. Energy bills are complex. That is why most businesses in the UK use an Energy Broker to support them buy their energy. However, with a lack of regulation it is clear some businesses have fallen foul of broker malpractice.

Our research suggests that many brokers have not adhered to the laws which governs them in the absence of any regulation; the ‘Law of Agency’ and ‘contract law’. This means businesses, who have used a broker in the past, may be able to claim for any non-disclosed commissions and costs they have incurred!

A Powerful Partnership

Born through our honest and transparent approach to energy management, we are on mission to help you collect wrongly incurred costs from the past and achieve a just outcome.

We are proudly working with leading UK law firms as well as Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited (CDRL), a leading alternative dispute resolution provider, to support our customers in righting the wrongs of bad brokers mis-selling. 

Our team of experts, on receipt of your energy contract information, can quickly review the suitability of the tariff you are on against your energy demand. We will also review the prices paid against the market rate at the time and quantify the potential value of any claim.

Our Revenue Recovery process is simple:


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