Helping Your Business Achieve Net Zero

We’ve joined forces with our sister company iEM360 to offer you the future of energy! 

Helping You Prepare For Tomorrow

At Fusion for Business, we are committed to helping our customers use energy more efficiently as part of an industry shift to achieving Net Zero. We do this by taking a holistic, 360° view of your current operations, to identify where positive and truly innovative changes can be made.

We’ve joined forces with our sister company iEM360 to make all of this possible. By offering a range of solutions to future proof your business, protecting your people, your planet and your profits.

Plus, A Unique Way To Pay

Our solutions comprise a series of debt free, risk free, cost, carbon and energy saving measures. All of which can be funded in a variety of ways. This includes our first of its kind Energy as a Service “subscription” model. Dedicated to challenging the outdated energy supply model by focussing on the energy saved vs the energy consumed within your commercial building.

Your Journey To Net Zero

In a market that is seeing record commodity and non-commodity price rises, businesses are screaming out for ways to reduce demand in a cost effective and ‘simple’ manner. Thankfully that’s where we come in.

We’re here to help UK businesses overcome the main barriers for engaging with Net Zero. These include, lack of knowledge, lack of time, no resource, no capital for investment in energy efficiency, and a diminishing trust in the energy marketplace.

As an honest and fair energy solutions provider, we understand that business owners and operators may be at different stages of their Net Zero journey. That’s why we have developed a six step pathway to help you achieve this goal, no matter where you currently are.

To get the most out of your TOMORROW experience, we recommend progressing through each of the six stages outlined below. However, the pathway takes a simple ‘hop on, hop off’ approach dependent on your requirements.

So What Does It All Mean?

We’ve put together some helpful information on each of the stages of our journey to Net Zero!

What is it?
- The first stage in our six step pathway is to assess your business' opportunity for energy efficiency and energy compliance. By using our bespoke Desktop Energy Optimisation Report (DEOR), we can quickly establish the size and scope of the opportunity available for you, as well as the viability to progress to Stage Two. The DEOR has been developed in line with BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and comes with the capability to also identify any legislative compliance requirements that we need to consider to get you closer to your Net Zero commitments.

How is this achieved?
- The DEOR has been designed with you in mind. We understand that the modern day business owner, regardless of industry or sector is spinning many plates at the moment. As a result you may find yourself short on both time and resource. That's why all of our data collection requirements for the DEOR can be easily completed online.

What is the outcome?
- Alongside gaining visibility on the energy saving and energy generation potential, we will provide you with a high level assessment of your savings and compliance requirements.
- This stage of your Net Zero journey is delivered free of charge.

What is it?
- Once we have visibility on the energy saving and energy generation potential of your business, it's time to get onsite to carry out an Investment Grade Audit (IGA). The IGA is an assessment of your business building(s) which allow us to further process your data and confirm all energy saving and generation opportunities, out to a 25 year payback. We will also include an EV charging assessment as part of the overall audit.

How is this achieved?
- The IGA will take place onsite at your business premises on a date and time of your choosing. We will use a third party supplier to support with the IGA and we will work as seamlessly as possible around your day to day operations to avoid disruption.

What is the outcome?
- The output of the IGA is a clear and defined project plan for your energy efficiency project. Inclusive in the plan will be a series of phased developments and key milestones we need to reach. As well as a set of expectations and Service Level Agreements for all parties to adhere to throughout the project's lifespan for optimum success. The cost of your Investment Grade Audit will be worked out using a Pricing Matrix which will be supplied to you ahead of Step Two commencement.

What is it?
- Now the foundations are set, Step Three is where the real magic happens. Using the data and diagnosis from Steps One and Two, we will provide you with a comprehensive Net Zero Plan and Environmental Policy, completely bespoke to your business. These assets will form as essential tools in planning your route to Net Zero. They will also serve as tangible evidence of your commitments to your customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders and wider communities. As part of the deliverables, we will also give you exclusive access to the Net Zero Chaser to determine and track your business' carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of you Net Zero Plan?
Your new Net Zero Plan will provide you a whole host of benefits. Some of which include:
- Visibility on your Operational cost savings - Greater business resilience
- Improved brand reputation
- Usability directly within your Marketing, CSR and Compliance strategies

What are the benefits of your Environmental Policy?
Similarly, your new Environmental Policy is incredibly advantageous to your business. Some of the benefits include:
- Creation of a written statement which clearly outlines your aims and principles to managing the environmental impacts of your business. This can be used directly on your website and marketing collateral as well as part of any tender documents you submit when bidding for work.
- Your Policy will be the first step to obtaining your ISO 14001 accreditation.
- Your Policy also includes access to the Net Zero Chaser. This allows you to determine your business'
- Carbon footprint where you can monitor and measure your emissions.

The cost of this stage will be worked out using a simple Pricing Matrix which will be supplied to you ahead of Step Three commencement.

What is it?
To commission your energy efficiency project, you will need to decide how you want to fund the deliverables. At iEM360, we can provide you with three different routes to payment to best suit the needs of your business. These are outlined below:
1. Pay via uplift to standing charge within Supply Contract.
2. Capital Investment; you fund full payment through your business.
3. Fund via Finance at an interest rate or Grant Support

How is this achieved?
- We will provide you a clear breakdown of the benefits and/or considerations for each of the payment options to ensure you are fully informed before you make a decision.
- Regardless of which payment pathway you choose, you will receive full support and dedicated account management from the team at iEM360. As experts in the field, we will manage the procurement process on your behalf, to alleviate any pressure or resource at your side.

What is the outcome?
- As part of this Procurement stage, you will select the best payment plan for you. From here we will generate the necessary contracts and documentation for processing. We will also provide you with three quotes per asset recommendation to give you clear costing options and visibility across the board.

What is it?
- To ensure that your energy efficiency project runs as smoothly as possible, our dedicated project managers are here to oversee the works from start to finish. We will act as an extension of your team, taking responsibility for overseeing every aspect of the project, including all aspects of planning, scheduling, execution and sign off.

How is this achieved?
- As part of our contractual agreement signed at Step 4, and with your permission, we will operate as the lead contractor to manage all aspects of your project. This includes the installation process, and engaging all parties for sign off. We will remain in close communication with you (or an appointed member of your team) to provide regular reports and updates on project progress. Not only does this keep you in the know but allows for frequent feedback sessions to ensure that you are happy at all times.

What is the outcome?
- By tapping into our readily available team of dedicated project managers who have years of experience in the energy efficiency market, along with exceptional customer service, we can ensure that all timeframe targets and budgets are met.
- Better still, we can eliminate any resourcing requirements at your end so that this project can run seamlessly around any other business commitments - saving additional time and hassle.
- Our Project Management fee is worked out using a simple Pricing Matrix which will be supplied to you ahead of Step Five commencement.

What is it?
- To ensure that the success from your energy efficiency project can be realised, and measured against the original forecast, we will carry out a range of monitoring exercises. This will capture the initial results from the implementation of your energy efficiency measures and asset upgrades, as well as tracking ongoing success for the future.

How is this achieved?
- As your trusted partner in helping you achieve Net Zero, we're here to support you for long haul. Step Six is by no means the final stage to our journey together. Arguably, it's only the beginning. We will work with you to agree a suitable monitoring package under an agreed set of terms that all parties are happy with.
- Our Monitoring packages are worked out using a simple Pricing Matrix which will be supplied to you ahead of Step Six commencement.

What is the outcome?
- As part of our Measurement & Verification solution, you will receive an initial report to detail the success of your new energy efficiency measures.
- Depending on the package you choose for ongoing monitoring services, you will also receive regular reports to document your Net Zero transition, highlighting your accomplishments and identifying more opportunities for optimisation in the future.

What Is Energy As A Service?

Our Energy as a Service solution disrupts the traditional procurement model, focussing our efforts on the kWh saved rather than the kWh consumed.

By operating a ‘both sides of the meter’ approach for business energy consumers, we can deliver a range of highly disruptive ‘subscription energy and facilities management’ solutions. Some of which we have already touched upon in this brochure.

By combining all energy related costs under one trusted and transparent contract, we unlock guaranteed cost and carbon savings for your business.

All of the savings presented to you are provided with an insurance backed guarantee to ensure you achieve 100% of the forecasted cost savings, with no need for any upfront capital outlay.

And What Are The Benefits?

By working both sides of the energy meter we aim to sell carbon neutral light, cool air, warm air, hot water and chilled water as standard. Enhancing the integrity of suppliers and creating safer, smarter and more comfortable environments for customers, their businesses and the earth.

Case Studies

We’re delighted that we’ve been able to help so many people on their journey to Net Zero already, but there’s still plenty of work to be done.

Check out some of our case studies below…

Consett AFC

£57,000 worth of savings and £25,000 worth of income generated for the club.

Morpeth Town AFC

Identifying £22,000 worth of savings through our advanced procurement service.

Leading Independent Pullet Rearer

Saving of c£144,000 achieved for our client over a 3.5 year period.

Ready To Get Started?

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