Energy savings the right way, risk and debt free with no need for any capital outlay. The innovative way to do energy!

Helping you prepare for TOMORROW with Energy as a Service

At Fusion for Business, we are committed to helping our customers use energy more efficiently as part of an industry shift to achieving Net Zero through the implementation of debt free, risk free, cost, carbon and energy saving measures.

We operate a ‘both sides of the meter’ approach for business energy consumers in order to provide a highly disruptive ‘subscription energy and facilities management’ solution.

By combining all energy related costs under one trusted and transparent contract we unlock guaranteed cost and carbon savings for your business.

These savings are backed by an insurance guarantee to ensure you achieve 100% of the forecasted cost savings, with no need for any upfront capital outlay.

A Process with real impact!

By following our easy process, we can unlock unrivalled savings in cost and carbon!

Benefits at your fingertips...

Our EaaS solution helps to address the four main barriers for UK business when it comes to tackling Net Zero and reducing their costs:

This enables you to benefit from:

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